Establish a special Board Advisory Committee to investigate the reasons why many families are choosing to leave CSD for private school and develop strategies for addressing this issue.  Such strategies could include:

·         Deeply investing in an education that is inclusive of various types of learners and provides equity to all our students

·         Adhering to the science of reading, writing and math to improve literacy via thorough and appropriate teacher training

·         Paying our teachers in line with comparable systems

·         Creating a structured cradle-to-college curriculum that equally serves CSD’s large and broad spectrum of learners

·         Reimagining the use of CSD’s facilities to create more classrooms that will restore CSD’s once renowned low student-teacher ratio.

·         Creating in-house after school and/or tutoring programs that further enhance literacy and provide opportunities to increase student achievement and enrichment


·         Responding to questions asked during public comment at the Board meeting, during the Board meeting

·         More open discussion on policy issues at Board meetings

·         Not hiding behind “on the advice of our attorneys” to not share information of significant interest to the public, if information does not legally compromise confidentiality

Financial Responsibility and Accountability

·         Review operational costs at the Central Office level for possible reallocation to programs and school based positions that will help increase system wide student achievement

·         Develop a strategy to decrease lawsuits, which can be a totally unnecessary and significant cost to the system and taxpayers

·         Ensure CSD is identifying and applying for all eligible state and federal funds, especially the significant funds available through the American Rescue Plan

Schooling During CoVID19

·         Provide for a safe in-person traditional education option

·         A  viable virtual learning option for those concerned about sending their children in-person, including options for teachers who are unable to be vaccinated

·         Mitigation measures that follow the science

Future of CSD Administrative Leadership

·          The next Board should determine if a search should be conducted for a permanent Superintendent and the timing of when to begin such search

·         If the next Board determines that a search should be conducted, the goal should for that person to be hired prior to the start of the 2022 -2023 school year

·         If the next Board determines that a search should be conducted, Dr. Fehrman should have every opportunity to apply for and be considered for the position if she so chooses